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Bound to God

bound to god

"The ten words were given by God to Moses for the people delivered from Egypt, who were wandering in the desert. God is binding Himself to this wandering people as a Father does to a Son. God has called His people to image Himself to the world, and when we obey these ten words from the Lord, we do just that."...

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Thy Mercy, My God

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"Thank God he understands this above anyone else. God who did not spare his favorite Son, but sent him to die for us. He knows what sacrifice for the sake of reconciliation means. Cast yourself upon Him friends, trust his goodness, make the sacrifice. This year especially, may we all sing with assurance, “Thy mercy, my God is the theme of my song”....

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Duty into Joy

duty into joy

On Sunday, Jeff White reminded us of the danger and deceptiveness of legalism. As an Enneagram one, I tend to hold tightly to the right and wrong, black and white view of things. But, legalism infects and divides the church and destroys how Christ’s body was meant to live together. Legalism heightens our judgementalism and causes us to forget the beauty of the giver of t...

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Breathe, O Breath of God

breathe, o breath of God

“Breathe, O breath of God, breathe”. As Justin casually used this phrase in his sermon, this felt like my deepest prayer. I need the breath of God in my dry bones. I need Him to walk with me in the grey areas. I need Him to help me feel my sorrow and my joy, without guilt, without feeling like I have to bounce back to the other end of the spectrum. I need renewal, but ...

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True Authority

True Authority

"In this season of information overload, the challenge for each of us will be, “Who do you listen to/who is your authority?” It is easy for me to let the information I receive from the news and various people cause me anxiety and fear. But, when I look to Jesus, particularly reflecting on His authority, His word tends to silence the other voices. Why is that? The reali...

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Collapsing into Jesus

collapsing into jesus

"I want the Lord to renew all of this, and his answer for me is himself, His presence. The renewal I want only comes from Jesus. And I must repent of my own sin in this- my sin of anger, bitterness, harsh words behind a back, etc. Only in my repentance, in recognizing my weakness and inadequacy to fix this or change it, do I receive God’s unlimited mercy. And that mercy ...

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Born that men no more may die

Born that Men no more may die

"I can remember the darkened room and the songs playing. And I can remember weeping, next to my friend who wept, as we both were swept up in the beauty of grace, in the newness of life we both believed was now ours. Jesus was born so that I could know him deeply & intimately and be fully known. Jesus was born so I could have that moment." ...

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Heav'n's Morning Breaks

Heav'n's morning breaks

“Shine through the gloom and point me to the skies”- things have felt heavy lately. Sometimes the brokenness of the world feels so weighty. As a family we have been processing a friend’s unexpected divorce, another friend’s mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer, a firefighter Stephen worked with shockingly took his own life last week. And I am left trying to wr...

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Time Marches On

Time Marches On

"When the weight of the day, the missed opportunities, my discontentment, the sorrow I feel over a life lost, hits me as I climb into bed at night, I need the Lord to redeem my days. Time marches on. But, I serve a God who is outside of time, who planned all my days since before he created the world and who gives me new mercies each morning."...

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Open Handed Living

Open handed living

"But, this passage emphasizes God’s fatherly care over his children. We are to be shaped by God’s kingdom, not by the weight of the expectations of the world. I know, easier said than done. But, this is why we must remain drenched in God’s Word, in community with his people, and we remain open handed when it comes to our things."...

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Heart for the Nations

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"Prayer shapes our hearts after God’s heart and God desires all people to be saved. When we practice corporate prayer, the church is praying in union with the heart of God. But, it is important to remember that the Lord calls us to pray because of what it does to us, not to just get things from God"....

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