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A faithful presence of love in the absences of our city.

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Nothing Can Separate

nothing can separate

"Thankfully, God is there to remind me of the truths and promises that He gives to us. In the sermon text this week we see the passing of Jacob, his burial and his sons uncertainty of what the future holds for them. God continues to bless them so that they can carry on His story and pass on their faith. Hearing this is a great comfort to me because it reminds me that God...

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Anger over Injustice

anger over injustice

"Injustice and sin in our world should stir up anger in us and move us to action. This means standing up for the powerless and defending the weak and most importantly praying for God to bring justice. I am reminded of these lyrics from a song by Jenny and Tyler: “Where there is hatred, let me sow love Where there is injury, let me pardon Where there is darkness, let...

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Never Stop Starting

never stop starting

"I look to traveling to get away from the work that I have to do at the house and in this city. All of these things are good and can have a positive impact on my life. However, without Christ, I will be met with the same stresses and frustration that existed before. We live in a broken world that is going to continually bring us down. The sin, sickness, tragedies, hurt...

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Hope in Winter

Hope in Winter

"This world that we live in can seem dark at times, or all the time. However, we place our hope and trust in the One that has already come to defeat the darkness, and who will come again. Jesus has already won, and we came rest in him knowing that one day all things will be made right."...

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Practicing Mercy

Practicing Mercy

"We are to show the same mercy to others that God has been given to us. This is convicting for me when I look at my own life. I think of all the ways that I sin everyday and feel the weight of the judgement I deserve. However, knowing that I am saved by the sacrifice Christ made on the cross makes that weight disappear."...

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Alone Blog

"Spending time with the Father, as Christ did, can set the focus back on him. It reminds me that even through I neglect God in my day to day life, He has never turned away from me. I am so grateful that He remains steadfast in my life and continues to watch over me even when I stray away. He brings us back to the cross and reminds us of the love he has for us."...

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Life Between the Trees

LifeBetween the trees

The tree of knowledge of good and evil represents the fall of men and the tree of life reflects the way God designed us to exist. Between these two trees, there stands the tree that Jesus died on to pay the price of the fall and reconcile us to God. ...

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Mission vs. Worship


There is such an urgent need for Jesus in this city that it becomes overwhelming and easy to give up on people and our mission. ...

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