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A faithful presence of love in the absences of our city.

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Importance of the Resurrection

Importance of the resurrection

"This Easter Sunday, Justin asked me if I was colluding with life or with death. He asked if we knew the significance of the resurrection. He asked if we were acting like we knew the significance. And I wasn’t really sure if I could properly say thank you for something that I wasn’t walking in..."...

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When I realized a few months ago that Easter fell on April 1 this year, I initially saw it as incongruous - the high point of the Church calendar juxtaposed with the a day of playful trickery. ...

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Praying for Serenity


It is so tempting to pray for circumstances to change, to get mad at God when they don’t, and to hold a grudge of resentment rather than “accept with serenity” the things that cannot be changed. ...

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