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Archives for August 2020

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Pursuing Patience

Pursuing Patience

"Often, patience and grace are seen together. God’s patience with us is grace. He gives us second chances all the time. He teaches, rebukes, disciplines, but ultimately, there is always grace seen in Him and by Him. He is patient with us, not letting us fall into despair, but provides hope in His Son, Jesus. By Jesus’s example, we see Jesus patiently endure all sorts o...

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Who needs doctrine anyway?

who needs doctrine anyways_

"We are not saved by our zeal for God; we are saved by His zeal for us. We do not climb up to God; He comes down to us in Christ. We are not saved by our following of Jesus, but through Him going to the cross alone. He is the promised messianic champion of old, not us. Even while our hearts are too often cold, forgetful, and neglecting of His Word and doctrine, He remains ...

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The Gospel and the gift registry

the gospel & the gift registry

"Finally getting back to the wedding registry analogy: for a people who wanted to show love for God but didn’t know what that looked like, here’s a list of some of the characteristics that please him. Not a checklist of duties to perform, but ideas for how our lives should be ordered “so that the word of God may not be reviled” (or in the positive sense, so that th...

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Duty into Joy

duty into joy

On Sunday, Jeff White reminded us of the danger and deceptiveness of legalism. As an Enneagram one, I tend to hold tightly to the right and wrong, black and white view of things. But, legalism infects and divides the church and destroys how Christ’s body was meant to live together. Legalism heightens our judgementalism and causes us to forget the beauty of the giver of t...

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