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God's Place

God's Place

"Many of God’s promises, fulfillments of prophecy, and visions sent to his people were completed within the wilderness. Our God is a God of descension. He has shown time and time again that he is present in the wilderness. When we are in communion with God the wilderness is no longer a place of fear, but a place of renewal and strengthening. We may often exist in a dese...

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Choose Your Words

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"Speaking truth in love (even to, or about ourselves) and asking forgiveness is a very important part in growing God’s people here on Earth. It is in this way that we can “Walk as children of light” (Eph. 5:8)." ...

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The Battle of Meditation

The battle of meditation

"We instinctively meditate on things to the point that those things permeate our hearts and minds. Unfortunately, because we are sinners, the things we naturally meditate and obsess over are things that are not good for us, or our hearts. If only we would use this already natural instinct of meditation to meditate over scripture, and how it shows us how God has moved and w...

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Ladder Climbing

Apple Branch

"I know I'm ladder climbing when I'm angry." When Justin spoke those words this Sunday reality hit me like a ton of bricks. Up until that point I had been struggling to think of what kinds of things I climb the ladder towards instead of Christ, but those words brought to light a whole lot of things that made me see the reality of my struggles as a sinner in a broken world....

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Letting Go of Control

genesis 12_10-20 (2)

"We NEED Christ. In Christ we can have hope that we don’t need control; that his blood was and is enough."...

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A New City

a new city

"The truth is, no matter what, I will never be completely fulfilled in what I do here on Earth unless I remember that I am doing it to further God’s kingdom, because that is what we have been made to do."...

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Despite the fact that Jesus literally states in the verse that he will be with us “always, to the end of the age,” I often feel alone when confronted with the idea of trying to share the Gospel. ...

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Understanding Revelation


The book of Revelation, I have found, as I’m sure have many of you, is one of the books of the Bible where I really have a difficult time getting the message from my head to my heart....

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Shame and Sin

Shame &Sin

Satan placed doubt of God's goodness and sovereignty in the minds of Adam and Eve just as sin does to us now. Instead of looking to God, we look to the “Tree” for our fulfillment......

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It is Finished


It is because of and through this good news that we can live under the banner “it is finished” and embark on the parenting adventure from grace instead of for grace. ...

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