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Beauty in the Mess

beauty in the mess

"What I challenge you with, though, is to look at this season in the bigger picture, as a part of God’s story. We might not know what the future will look like and how this season will ultimately shape us as individuals and the world collectively, but we can hold on to the hope that this wasn’t a mistake and that God is using this season to show us more of Himself." ...

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Pursuing Patience

Pursuing Patience

"Often, patience and grace are seen together. God’s patience with us is grace. He gives us second chances all the time. He teaches, rebukes, disciplines, but ultimately, there is always grace seen in Him and by Him. He is patient with us, not letting us fall into despair, but provides hope in His Son, Jesus. By Jesus’s example, we see Jesus patiently endure all sorts o...

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Filled with Mercy & Grace

filled with mercy & grace

"As a fellow ‘either/or’ thinker, living in the gray can bring anxiety. I need direction, I like expectations, and I value rules. However, when I don’t follow directions, live up to expectations, or obey rules, I get anxious, too. The shame sets in and I forget who I am in Christ. Yet, the Gospel eliminates this - my works, or my lack of works, does not qualify me to...

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Justified & Sanctified

Justified & sanctified

"Therefore, as we receive Christ in faith, we are justified and sanctified because of Him. However, sanctification is a process - a process which Justin emphasized in the sermon on Sunday. We are still broken, fallible people while we reside here on earth. Our failures, our shame, and ultimately, our sinfulness, are constant reminders that we cannot renew ourselves by ours...

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How are you doing?

How are you doing_

"God is always looking forward for us, allowing these struggles to shape us, but not be the end of who we are." ...

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The Waiting Place...

The Waiting place...

"We have all experienced seasons of waiting. Whether it is waiting for Christmas to come, a baby to arrive, or a work project to be finished, we all know what it is like to wait. Waiting can bring uncertainty, stress, and pessimism. It can make you wish that time went faster or slower depending on the situation. However, waiting can also bring growth, faith, and hope. If G...

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