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Taking a Closer Look at Us

Taking a closer look at us

"I just can’t stop analytically dissecting this film, it’s like a puzzle and every time you connect a piece it creates even more curiosity and awe as you finally start to see the bigger picture come together. In its simplest terms “Us” is about the fear of ourselves and how our actions--or hesitation to act--can be detrimental to us as a nation." ...

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Importance of the Resurrection

Importance of the resurrection

"This Easter Sunday, Justin asked me if I was colluding with life or with death. He asked if we knew the significance of the resurrection. He asked if we were acting like we knew the significance. And I wasn’t really sure if I could properly say thank you for something that I wasn’t walking in..."...

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Freedom from Performance

Freedom from performance

"The irony of this is that the only way I can have peace, and feel that I am enough, is by admitting to God that I’m not adequate and not capable of achieving peace on my own. I cannot possibly impress enough people with my capability or intelligence to feel adequate, and if I continue to try I will only alienate myself from others and God...When I’m reminded that my ...

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What is His Posture Towards You?

What is his posture towards you_

"When I look at myself, it is true, I am a sinner, broken, wounded, weak, weary, and ashamed... But at retreat this last weekend, we asked the seemingly dangerous question: "What might Jesus' posture be toward you?" I have once again started to find hope that Jesus sees me and He responds. I have started to hope that His words for me are different than the world’s words ...

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The Practices of Song

The practices of song

"As I stand to sing, I rarely feel like singing; the words seem rote, the melodies too familiar. But herein lies the great opportunity for song to lift you from your reverie, to consider God, to consider your impoverished state, and to consider how Christ has raised you up to new life. In this way, the practices of song have great opportunity to raise your eyes to properly...

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