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Living in Light of God's Promise

genesis 12_10-20 (1)

"Like Lot, I am buffeted by the circumstances of life because I treasure the stuff I have been given rather than the giver."...

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Work and Eternity

work and eternity

"Our lives in this world are helping to bring about his kingdom and prepare the way for the return of Christ. Our work, our relationships, our hobbies, all of it is actually important and is preparing both us and the world for Christ’s second coming. By looking forward to the end of the story in Revelation 21, as Moses did, we’re reminded that our life right now has et...

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Wartime Realities


I may feel exhausted or discouraged or wounded by events in my life, but do I recognize the underlying battle? ...

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Crushing the Serpent’s Head

What was once unending, immediate, and bountifully provided, within a few bites of fruit was now cursed with enmity, great pain, and toil. Marriage was once to be harmonious and is now divisive, pain is brought forth at the births of our children, God is farther away from us and we dig through thistles for fruit. ...

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The Good Fight

The good fight

The great news is, we already know how the battle ends....

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Life Between the Trees

LifeBetween the trees

The tree of knowledge of good and evil represents the fall of men and the tree of life reflects the way God designed us to exist. Between these two trees, there stands the tree that Jesus died on to pay the price of the fall and reconcile us to God. ...

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