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Archives for December 2016

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My People

The book of Hosea mirrors God's relationship with Israel. Lest we forget as we shake our heads at Israel's foolishness that this book reveals our personal relationship with the Lord. ...

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On Being Gomer

So whats good about being Gomer? That's my question for us. What's good about being the wayward bride? ...

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Modern Day Justice

That God would give us hearts desiring to see justice "roll down like waters" so that bearing the name of Christ will be much more than an adjective in our lives. ...

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An Oasis of Justice

If we get nothing else from Amos, we should get some holy discomfort....

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Fierce, Avenging, and Good

"Safe?" said Mr. Beaver, "Who said anything about safe? 'Course he isn't safe. But he's good."...

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Christmas in the Room

Jesus sings us into a new mode of existence. Jesus sings the nations into submission. Jesus sings hearts into love. Jesus is Christmas in the room. The hope of Advent and the hope of Christmas is that Jesus Christ is in the room…...

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Pause, Breathe, Rest, Dab

The arrival of Jesus means that we will sigh no more. We will have in the words of Marcus Mumford, a love that will not betray, dismay or enslave us, a love that will set us free and make us who we were meant to be. Advent is having this love, waiting for this love, hoping for this love, banking on this love. So, we pause, we read, we pray, we remember, and we cry Come, Lo...

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For the Ninevites

As we open this Advent season and enter into the waiting and the hope, we remember Jonah. We remember that God came down to co-inhabit with us. We remember that He lowers himself in order to extend grace to every one of us, even those that we might rather see burn. We remember that his message of grace is bigger than our desire to share it. We remember that his grace follo...

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