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Archives for June 2019

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Open Handed Living

Open handed living

"But, this passage emphasizes God’s fatherly care over his children. We are to be shaped by God’s kingdom, not by the weight of the expectations of the world. I know, easier said than done. But, this is why we must remain drenched in God’s Word, in community with his people, and we remain open handed when it comes to our things."...

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Alone Blog

"Spending time with the Father, as Christ did, can set the focus back on him. It reminds me that even through I neglect God in my day to day life, He has never turned away from me. I am so grateful that He remains steadfast in my life and continues to watch over me even when I stray away. He brings us back to the cross and reminds us of the love he has for us."...

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The Battle of Meditation

The battle of meditation

"We instinctively meditate on things to the point that those things permeate our hearts and minds. Unfortunately, because we are sinners, the things we naturally meditate and obsess over are things that are not good for us, or our hearts. If only we would use this already natural instinct of meditation to meditate over scripture, and how it shows us how God has moved and w...

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Common Grace

Common Grace

"Thankfully, Jesus has entered into glory and He has no ordinary rules of time and space. Justin always describes the grace of Jesus like this: “…as the rain falls, and as the sun shines". The Grace of Jesus extends across the universe and is more deep and wide than we can fathom." ...

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