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Tents and Altars

tents and altars

Abram is an example to us as he boldly listened to God, as his self sufficiency was “scrubbed away” in the belief the Lord had refined in him that God is good and He is for us....

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The Chaos Monster

the chaos monster

"Wisdom knows that every moment is pregnant with the presence and glory of God in the midst of time marching on." ...

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The Time is Near

the time is near

Augustine wrote in hisConfessions, "What, then, is time? If no one asks me, I know; but if I wish to explain it to one who asks, I know not." I think this is a most astute observation of time, for I spend all my waking moments oriented around time - I wake up at this time; I go to work at this time; I spend this amount of time doing this task; I wasted this amount of time ...

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Thoughts on Elder Training

thoughts on elder training

The Book of Church Order (BCO) of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) defines the form of government to be used by City Pres and each of our sister churches across the PCA. Chapter 24 of the BCO defines the process to be used for the nomination, instruction, election, ordination and installation of ruling elders at individual PCA churches. I completed this process the...

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Work and Eternity

work and eternity

"Our lives in this world are helping to bring about his kingdom and prepare the way for the return of Christ. Our work, our relationships, our hobbies, all of it is actually important and is preparing both us and the world for Christ’s second coming. By looking forward to the end of the story in Revelation 21, as Moses did, we’re reminded that our life right now has et...

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Weekly Devotional

weekly devotional_stories from the gospel of abraham

"We are narrative animals, and I hope the Gospel of Abraham causes the story of the Gospel to reenacted in us, in City Pres and in our city." ...

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A New City

a new city

"The truth is, no matter what, I will never be completely fulfilled in what I do here on Earth unless I remember that I am doing it to further God’s kingdom, because that is what we have been made to do."...

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