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The Battle of Meditation

The battle of meditation

"We instinctively meditate on things to the point that those things permeate our hearts and minds. Unfortunately, because we are sinners, the things we naturally meditate and obsess over are things that are not good for us, or our hearts. If only we would use this already natural instinct of meditation to meditate over scripture, and how it shows us how God has moved and w...

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"Advent is a time of waiting and longing for the coming of Christ. We reflect on the centuries of waiting for the initial fulfillment of God’s promise to provide a savior, and we also long for the consummation of that promise when Christ returns to make all things new."...

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Revelation 20

revelation 20

My almost-99-year-old grandmother is waiting to die. I remember visiting her in her snowbird house right outside of Phoenix most Christmases in my childhood. I remember watching things change each time we visited fewer Christmas decorations, fewer explorations of Phoenix, earlier bed times because she was growing physically tired. I also remember the moment we were in th...

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Wartime Realities


I may feel exhausted or discouraged or wounded by events in my life, but do I recognize the underlying battle? ...

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