A faithful presence of love in the absences of our city.




Joshua Spare

Joshua moved to Albuquerque to attend the University of New Mexico in 2009, during which time he met Emily, who became his wife in 2013. After spending a year in the UK studying theology and apologetics, Joshua and Emily returned to Albuquerque in 2014, attended City Pres for the first time, and fell in love with the church because of the close-knit community and plentiful opportunities to serve the church. Joshua and Emily have two sons. Joshua works part time in residential real estate in the greater Albuquerque area, but loves having the time to dedicate to the church preaching and teaching while in the midst of our pastoral search. In his free time, he enjoys reading philosophy and theology, drinking delicious coffee, hiking and skiing, and trying his hand at woodworking.




Brian Whippo 

Brian has been serving as Worship Director since August 2013 and as a deacon since July 2014. He and his wife Rachel have been married since May 2014 and they have two sons. Brian also works as an Emergency Medicine PA at UNMH. Brian and Rachel dedicate most of their free time to loving the church through music and children's ministry, but Brian enjoys hanging out over coffee, keeping a party going until the early morning hours, and is one of the easiest people to just be with.









Emily Spare

Emily is the Events Coordinator and Ministry Team Director.  Emily, and her husband, Joshua, came to City Pres in the fall of 2014 after moving back to Albuquerque from a year abroad in the UK. Josh and Emily longed to be in a small, loving community of believers, and instantly found that through City Pres. Emily also works full time as an instructional designer and trainer on federal government contracts. Besides planning big events and finding time at the pottery wheel, Emily loves spending time with her two boys and will always show up for a good latte.








Jadyn Edgar

Jadyn has been attending City Pres for over a decade, with her dad being the former lead pastor. She is in her second year at the University of New Mexico and is studying speech and hearing sciences. Jadyn serves at City Pres by helping lead the high school girls’ bible study. She is really involved with RUF at UNM, participating in planning and outreach. In addition to being a full time student, Jadyn works part time in retail and loves babysitting kiddos at the church. She enjoys exploring different coffee shops around town, yoga, & reading.








Bronwyn_700x400Bronwyn Siebert

Bronwyn and her husband Stephen attended City Presbyterian their first weekend after moving to Albuquerque and loved it so much they have been going ever since. Bronwyn graduated from New Mexico State University in 2014 and married Stephen a month later. Bronwyn is a stay-at-home mom to four kids and oversees the finances of the church in partnership with the session. She loves investing in others by grabbing a cup of coffee, exploring the city, and welcoming people into their home.




Arlen Biersgreen

Arlen is a native Santa Fe-an who made his way to Albuquerque after living in Washington State and Texas for several years. He and his wife, Elizabeth, found City Presbyterian in 2013 and joined as members in 2014. It is a new experience for both of them to be part of a small congregation/large denomination family, and they have enjoyed learning the joys and challenges that come with both of those aspects of the church identity. Arlen served as a deacon prior to becoming a church elder in August of 2016. 







Charlie Bursi

Charlie was born in Memphis, Tennessee.  He grew up in an Audubon Park neighborhood, just a short walk away from where Elvis Presley lived prior to Graceland. Charlie was married to Teresa for forty years when the Lord called her home to glory. He has three amazing daughters, three wonderful sons-in-law, and has been blessed with six grandchildren. Charlie and his family moved to the metro Atlanta area in 1991, where he finished his career in Information Technology and Consulting. Charlie served as a ruling elder at Midway Presbyterian Church and on the Northwest Georgia Presbytery Ordination Committee. He moved to Albuquerque in 2016 and joined City Pres in 2017.    

Charlie is an avid University of Tennessee sports fanatic. He enjoys Memphis style barbecue, green chile on hamburgers, watching Everybody Loves Raymond, and spending time with his grandchildren. 



Brian B

Brian Byers

Brian's Family includes his wife Daniela, and his children, Emery (EJ), Anika, and Sabina. Brian works as a web designer and developer but his dream job is to lounge by the pool/beach or to be a full-time artist. Brian and his family found City Pres in 2004 on the invite from some good friends when it was just tiny church plant with a whopping 15 people. He loves the teaching, and knowing that he can count on the hearing Gospel every week. He also loves the focus on community and making the love of Christ known in our city. The future is bright with a body of believers maturing in Christ who love each other and their neighbors boldly for the sake of Christ.





Richard Jackson

Richard is a native New Mexican (4th generation, actually!). He and his wife, Rebecca have been a part of City Pres since moving back to Albuquerque in 2009. They have three children, Will, Julianna and Robert, and a beloved yellow lab named Duke. After spending 16 years in the biotech industry, Richard took over his father's financial services business in 2011. He enjoys New Mexican food, trying new methods for smoking/grilling meats, and finding adventure in the outdoors (skiing, hiking and camping are among his favorite pursuits). Richard served as an elder from 2012 to 2017, took an extended sabbatical, and in October 2020, returned to actively serving again. 






Josh Spare (see bio above)




Stephen Siebert

Stephen, and his wife Bronwyn, have been a part of City Presbyterian since July 2013. They have four children. Stephen was raised in Phoenix, Arizona but fell in love with New Mexico when he attended college at UNM. Stephen is a paramedic/firefighter for the city of Albuquerque. In his free time he enjoys woodworking and being outdoors.



Paul Stern 

Paul, originally from Colorado, came to Albuquerque in 2018 seeking fresh air and wilderness spaces after seven years in Philadelphia. His high school and college years were spent in North Carolina where he received a bachelor's degree in classical piano performance before beginning his career in the wine industry as a sommelier. He is now taking a break from the restaurant industry and works in grocery and provides private piano lessons. He thrives on sharing his love of food, books, off-roading, and music with friends - both old and new.


Jeremy Warren

Jeremy grew up in Northeast Ohio and met his wife Chelsea in 2012 at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Since Bible College, Jeremy has had a diverse career in vocational youth ministry, teaching, entrepreneurialism, graphic design, and sales/marketing. Currently he works for an IT consulting firm and runs his Graphic Design company. The Warrens joined City Pres in 2017. Jeremy helped start the youth group with a small team in 2019 and has been leading the team since 2022. It has been his honor and joy to walk through life with the teens of the church. When Jeremy is not chasing around his 3 kids, he can be found on the disc golf course, at Starbucks with Chelsea, or looking for the next creative design project!



Daniel Vizoso

Daniel grew up in the southeast and moved from home in Chattanooga, TN and school in Atlanta, GA to Albuquerque in the beginning of 2022. He started attending City Pres soon after arriving, and has loved the community fostered by the people of City Pres ever since. He enjoys spending time outdoors, music, and sharing good food with good friends.



Chelsea Warren

Chelsea, and her husband, Jeremy, have been a part of City Presbyterian since the fall of 2017. After living in three different states before, Chelsea and Jeremy decided to move back to Albuquerque in late 2016, where Chelsea grew up. They were introduced to City Pres by the Spares and have stayed ever since. Chelsea is currently working on her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is a receptionist at a local couseling clinic. Chelsea enjoys a good cup of coffee with friends, running, and spending time with her three children.



Gini Herron

Gini Herron, wife of Daniel, moved to Albuquerque after serving overseas to be close to their son, Matt Cobb, daughter-in-law Laura, and grandchildren. Gini’s first husband, Clyde Cobb, was a PCA pastor in Tennessee and died of cancer in 1998. Dan’s first wife, Betty, died of cancer in 2001. The Lord brought their two families together of 8 children and 23 grandchildren.