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A faithful presence of love in the absences of our city.


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Nothing Can Separate

nothing can separate

"Thankfully, God is there to remind me of the truths and promises that He gives to us. In the sermon text this week we see the passing of Jacob, his burial and his sons uncertainty of what the future holds for them. God continues to bless them so that they can carry on His story and pass on their faith. Hearing this is a great comfort to me because it reminds me that God...

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Count Your Blessings

count your blessings

"So where do you look for happiness and blessing? Are you like a child writing a letter to Santa, expecting good things to magically appear? Or like an adult who thinks they have to earn good things for themselves, trusting in the willpower generated by New Year’s resolutions? Maybe this year it’s time to try an Impossible Prayer Request instead. When I seek blessing f...

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Abiding Word of God

abiding word of god

"In light of the new testament, hopefully you can appreciate how Joseph and Judah anticipate Christ in typology and lineage. It’s no wonder that Jesus said all scripture is about him (Luke 24 and John 5). We don’t believe in myths or fairy-tales... but the abiding word God." ...

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Motels and Hotels

motels & hotels

"I will always struggle with a balanced perspective of knowing that eternity is coming but that I am purposed for the here and now. This is where the now and not yet tension exists. But when I recognize that the journey to the Promised Land is way better when I’m not journeying alone, then I’m able to sit in that tension. That is the crossroads for my ability to look f...

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Thy Mercy, My God

Untitled design (10)

"Thank God he understands this above anyone else. God who did not spare his favorite Son, but sent him to die for us. He knows what sacrifice for the sake of reconciliation means. Cast yourself upon Him friends, trust his goodness, make the sacrifice. This year especially, may we all sing with assurance, “Thy mercy, my God is the theme of my song”....

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Are You Feeling It?

are you feeling it_

"But is Christianity’s main aim to help you feel better? The good news is no it is not! Praise God that Christianity is objective before it ever addresses the subjective experience. Our faith trusts in a savior who accomplished something in objective history. This good news is unchanging and complete, regardless of how you might feel on any given day. You are free from t...

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The Rescuer and The Ruler

The Rescuer and the ruler

"This is what Jesus does. He is a gracious ruler that has stored up for us in our years of famine. Our famine is here; our famine is caused by our sin. And 2020 seems to reveal that famine all the more. But our Ruler provides ration after ration no matter how long the famine lasts. And in His gracious ruling, He rescues. He gives us a double rescue; he rescues us from deat...

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God's Provision

God's provision

"Friends and a church that has regularly reminded us in the past few months to look to Christ. Only He is enough. So as we look forward and, unlike Joseph, don’t know how much longer restrictions will continue, what can we hope in? What will give us purpose? As all of Joseph’s story teaches, Christ is with us and he will always be sufficient." ...

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Control in the Chaos?

control in the chaos_

"If anything, the world of 2020 proves to us again and again that we are a fallen mankind in a broken world desperate for the presence of God in our midst as He was in the Garden of Eden. He walked among Adam and Eve, He conversed with them and walked with them. He taught and instructed and communed with them. This is our hope. We hear the groans of the world around us dai...

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Beauty in the Mess

beauty in the mess

"What I challenge you with, though, is to look at this season in the bigger picture, as a part of God’s story. We might not know what the future will look like and how this season will ultimately shape us as individuals and the world collectively, but we can hold on to the hope that this wasn’t a mistake and that God is using this season to show us more of Himself." ...

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