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Archives for February 2019

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The Burning Church

burning church

"Worship is participation in the order of God’s redeeming love. Each week we gather and participate in this story of love. We are formed and shaped by it individually and communally. We are told about it. We sing about. We taste it, see it, hear it, feel it, smell it. Our bodies are reanimated by this love." ...

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Reforming Our Loves

reforming our loves

"The liturgies of the world that I had been holding onto (worship of self and denial of God’s presence) came crashing down, as I admitted to God how extremely desperate I was to dwell in His love rather than in myself."...

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A Liturgical Audit


Jesus asks, “What do you love?” Notice the question isn’t what do you believe or what do you think, but what do you love. This is because humans are desiring creatures. We are lovers. What drives us is what we love....

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What Do You Love?

buried (3)

"Jesus is trying to get the man to see what he really loves. Justin reminded us that looking and loving comes tied together. It is tremendous grace that God reveals our hearts and helps us reorient them."...

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Faith By Faithfulness

buried (2)

Last night, I sat around with my community group sipping on some decaf coffee and half-listening to the conversation as my ear was partially attuned to my son dumping a whole box of building blocks onto the floor in the room around the corner. The discussion had centered around God's faithfulness to Abraham throughout his life, and the many promises proclaimed directly to ...

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Will You Go?

buried (1)

Justin's question to the little Christians in the room stuck with me as I listened to the sermon Will you go? And if you choose to go, what motivates you? Certainty and control motivate me... So, saying yes to something that involves mystery, faith, trust, and just really hard for me. What motivates me to go when certainty is not promised and control is out of ...

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