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We know and submit our lives to the Story of God while also becoming familiar with each other’s stories and the stories of our culture. God has been unfolding his Story since before time began. We believe we are participants in the Story and our only hope for redemption and restoration from our fear and prideful rebellion is when by faith we submit our lives to the overarching Story of God.

  • Therefore, we regularly reacquaint with and submit ourselves to The Story by interacting with God’s Word.
  • We look for ways and times to tell the Story often.
  • We also take time to listen to others stories and lead them to submit their lives to God’s Story.

Every person on the planet is living their life inside of and in light of a larger story shaped by the country they live in, the cultures surrounding them, the family they were raised in, the worldview they believe... Until they understand all of this in light of the Redemptive Story of God, they will give themselves to lesser stories that do not work.

Where do we see this rhythm in the Garden and Fall of Man?

How could they have lived by faith and how did they NOT live by faith?

What does ‘walking in line with the truth of the Gospel Story’ produce?

The Story...

We are a story-formed people who are living our lives based upon and within a story. All of our beliefs, identity, and actions are all connected to the dominant story. This is why we need to know it and we are to talk about it when we sit, stand, walk along the way, eat, lie down, etc...

My Story...

I need to continue to grow in the gospel of grace and truth. I need to be self-aware and let the Spirit and the Word show me where my life past and present is not in line with the gospel story.

Our Stories...

We need to get to know each other’s stories and pay close attention to where we are not believing the Gospel. As we hear each other’s stories ask:

Where in your story are you struggling to believe the Gospel? —OR—

What about your Identity in Christ are you struggling to believe, and how does the Gospel answer your need?

The Culture or Community’s Story...

In order to be an effective missionary, we need to know the story of our culture – what has shaped it, what is the dominant story line, what are the idols, where are the open doors for the gospel – both demonstrated and declared and be prepared to show how the Gospel Story fills in the gaps, corrects the lies or successfully completes it’s story.

This page is dedicated to telling and hearing our stories, other's stories and the stories of our culture.

*Taken from Soma Communities


Our Stories of Rescue and Renewal