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A faithful presence of love in the absences of our city.

Women's Ministry and Discipleship

Women's ministry is a great opportunity for both fellowship and discipleship. Our prayer is that our study of Scripture reflects itself in our lives and relationships. We are so excited to begin our fall bible study, in the book of Luke. Books will be available at the church for $9 each(CASH preferred, alternate payment can be arranged with Emily). We will meet every other week, Tuesday evenings from 7-9PM in the Siebert backyard. At this time, no childcare will be available. Those that don’t feel comfortable attending an in-person study can still purchase a book and follow along on their own. If you are interested in a weekday morning study, need the address, or have any questions please email Emily Spare

 The meeting schedule is:

-September 1

-September 15

-September 29

-October 13

-October 27