A faithful presence of love in the absences of our city.


Presbyterian Church of America: City Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America - a denomination that is faithful to the Scriptures, committed to the message of grace as emphasized in the Reformation, and obedient to the Great Commission. The PCA has existed for 30 years with over 1,700 churches, and continues to be one of the fastest growing denominations in the country.

Presbytery of the Southwest: We belong to the Southwest Presbytery which is a regional church of the PCA. It includes over 30 churches in Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso.

Southwest Church Planting Network: A network of PCA churches planting new works in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. The SWCPN played a major role in planting City Presbyterian Church.

Gospel Coalition:  City Presbyterian Church is a member of the Gospel Coalition.  The Gospel Coalition is a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming our ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures.  

RUF:  The purpose of RUF is to build a community on the college campus that reaches students of divergent beliefs and doubts with the message of the gospel and equips them to love and serve Jesus and his church. As we shape our lives around the gospel we have the opportunity to participate in God's work of changing lives, healing our world, building community, and renewing our culture. We aim to do this by pursuing the following goals:  Growth in Grace, Evangelism and Missions, Fellowship and Service, & Biblical Worldview and Life.  We currently support RUF and its work at New Mexico State University.  We hope to help bring an RUF to UNM in the future.    

Redeemer Seminary:  Redeemer is a seminary that we support through prayer.  It is one of the nearest Reformed seminaries, located in Dallas, TX.  Redeemer Seminary is a learning community dedicated to supporting the church in preparing disciples of Jesus Christ for ordained and non-ordained gospel ministry, through study of his Word, formation into his likeness, and training in his church’s mission to the world, all to the glory of God.  Pastor Justin went to Redeemer, and he believes it is the greatest of all seminaries, obviously.  

Reformed Communion:  The Reformed Communion is a growing collective of pastors committed to deepening our ministry through shared encouragement, resources, wisdom, experience and vision. Though we come from various denominational backgrounds, we share a robust commitment to the Reformed tradition as it participates in the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. Further, we seek to minister and live out this faith and tradition in ways that transform our congregations, our communities and even the broader culture.