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A faithful presence of love in the absences of our city.

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Control in the Chaos?

control in the chaos_

"If anything, the world of 2020 proves to us again and again that we are a fallen mankind in a broken world desperate for the presence of God in our midst as He was in the Garden of Eden. He walked among Adam and Eve, He conversed with them and walked with them. He taught and instructed and communed with them. This is our hope. We hear the groans of the world around us dai...

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Breaking Down the Idol of Vocation and Embracing the Gospel

breaking down the idol of vocation and embracing the gospel

"How can I allow my job or vocation to be a beacon of light to the world as opposed to an idol in my life? How can I create space in my day to refocus and recenter my purpose and my calling?"...

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Searching for Follow-Through in my Resets


"But what if we were a community that could reset as individuals and as a body. For spiritual, physical, mental, familial health. We could be that light of forgiveness for each other and those around us. I know Justin said that he will be preaching on this for another couple of weeks. And I am glad. My prayer is that we as God’s Church would dig deep find our personal re...

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God, Are you there?

God, Are you there_

"When I feel a conviction, who is it that provides that feeling within me? Where is it coming from? My uncanny observation of my self? Surely not. I am not aware enough of that - are you? But it comes from GOD. YHWH, or phonetically known as Yahweh. Our God is close enough to communicate with us to say “you sense that I am distant, but I am closer than your skin; within ...

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Trust: A Five Letter Word


“You are loved with an everlasting love and underneath are the everlasting arms.” It’s a beautiful picture and a relieving truth. Unlike the relationships with our fellow human beings, God’s character promises that it is impossible for him to break his trust with us, to deceive us or break a promise. God is perfect. God is everlasting Love. God is unchanging." ...

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