A faithful presence of love in the absences of our city.

SHINE School Partnership



We believe that there is a good news solution to the bad news problems of our city. Shine believes that the local church is uniquely resourced and motivated to provide support to schools in our community. As a body of Christian believers we have received a free gift of love from our Savior Jesus Christ. Because of this free gift of love, the Christian is compelled to give love freely, expecting nothering in return. We believe that when a church comes alongside of a school demonstrating the free gift of love given by Jesus the community receives resotration. 

Through a formal MOU and support from the APS administration, Shine seeks to bring together the mission and needs of the school with the mission and resources of the church to increase the common good for our community. In our current culture, Shine believes this is most effectively done through a model of demonstrating love with no hidden agenda. 


Shine and APS work with the school to assess the priority needs the school is facing. Shine then seeks a church in the school's community that will partner with the school to help meet the identified needs. A Shine PArtnership is a long-term, committed relationship between a church and a school with the goal of meeting needs in three areas:


STUDENT Enrichment

FAMILY Development

A Shine partner comes to the school with one agenda, to ask the question “How can we help?” Programs are then developed based on the needs identified by each school and the resources of the church. Shine can then become the valuable, flexible resource that the school needs it to be. Discipleship happens in the context of long-term committed relationships with the school. 

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