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A faithful presence of love in the absences of our city.

Prayer Chain

Our email prayer chain is an effort to promote prayerful concern for one another within our Church Family through sharing & receiving prayer items. The entire City Pres Family is invited to participate!

To add your email address to the distribution list, send your request to

To share your prayer/praise item with the prayer chain, send by email to

Prayer Chain Tips & Etiquette

Identify Yourselves - When posting/sending a prayer item, remember to identify with FULL NAMES yourself and/or those who need prayer.

Make the subject line distinct - Avoid a subject line that is routine (i.e., Prayer Request). By making a distinct subject line (e.g. “John’s Prayer Request” or “John’s Surgery”), it will prevent your prayer item from inadvertently funneling into another email conversation that also happens to be entitled “Prayer Request.”

Not intended for Re-sharing - Prayer items you receive here will be entrusted to you as a member of the City Pres Prayer Group. Please handle them with prayer, privacy and respect. This prayer group is NOT a form of social media. Do NOT forward prayer items received here to others unless you are certain they are intended for sharing.

Reply to Sender ONLY vs. Reply All - If you wish to communicate with the sender of the prayer request, click “reply” to the email. Please do NOT click “reply all.”

Submitting Requests for Others - If you feel prompted to submit prayer/praise items on behalf of others, it is your responsibility to confirm they are agreeable to your sharing their request on this platform.

Dissemination Procedure - Prayer requests submitted to this group are not auto-disseminated. All submissions file as “pending” until reviewed by a group manager before they are released to the group (or forwarded to a smaller group of Prayer Warriors when appropriate). The Prayer Group Managers will make every effort to release all prayer items in a timely manner, but you should expect some delay. If the delay exceeds 24 hours, please follow up by sending an email to