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Come & Dine- Women's Retreat 2022

Our annual women's retreat is happening 4/29-5/1 in Santa Fe! This is your invitation to come and dine; come to the table and feast with your King. There is no restriction here, no limitation. He invites you into abundance. 


Our registration will happen a little differently this year! The online form will open in a few weeks but you can already book your accomodations! We will be staying at the Fort Marcy Suites. 

Fort Marcy Suites (Click HERE to view their website) is a grouping of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom condos set on nine acres just blocks from downtown Santa Fe. For the retreat, you will need to reserve and pay for your accommodations directly with the Suites. Our group rates for the weekend are as follows:

1 Bedroom Standard: $348.94

1 Bedroom Deluxe: $372.34

2 Bedroom Standard: $419.20

2 Bedroom Deluxe: $442.60

3 Bedroom Standard: $583.10

3 Bedroom Deluxe: $629.96

All bedrooms are set up for double occupancy. If you would like to pursue the most reasonable price, booking the 3 Bedroom Standard with 5 other women will cost each woman a total of $97.18 for the weekend. The fewer women you book and bunk with, the more expensive your accommodations will be.

If you are in need of assistance financially, or would like to join a list of women looking to share a condo, please contact Emily Spare via email as soon as possible.

You will need to make your reservation no later than 2/25 to guarantee a room. The earlier you book, the greater the options.

When you are ready to book, please call Fort Marcy Suites at 505-988-2800, select number 2, ask for Jasmine, and please indicate that you are booking with the City Pres Women's Retreat to ensure you receive our group rate.

The Online Registration Form can be found HERE