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My Father's World

my father's world

Lucy gets to pick three songs to have sung to her before a nap or bedtime. We try to vary it and teach her new ones often. This past month we have been working on the hymn, “This is my Father’s World”. I could not stop thinking about the last two verses during Daniel’s sermon on Sunday:

"This is my Fathers world,

oh let me not forget,

that though the wrong seems oft so strong,

God is the ruler yet.

This is my Fathers world,

the battle is not done,

Jesus, who died,

shall be satisfied,

and earth and heaven be one.”


Daniel reminded us of God’s overarching salvation and his triumphant second coming yet to be, depicted for us in Revelation 19:11-21. We are reminded that God’s salvation is not merely an internal work done for those who believe in Jesus, but it extends into this idea that God is making ALL things new. We are encouraged as Christians to not look at this temporary time in history, but to think long term, especially when we are faced with injustices in our own lives and the world.

Christ has promised that He will return and set things right once again. But, as we wait for this day, how does the promise affect us? Daniel gave us two considerations, the first being that this assured promise helps us cope and gives comfort the injustices we see and experience. It can feel so discouraging to turn on the evening news or flip through Facebook to see heart breaking stories about violence, careless mistakes, natural disasters, etc. We can often ask, “Where is God/ why isn’t he doing anything about all of this?” But, as Craig Keener said, “In this world, God does not settle all scores in the short run, but his justice is always satisfied in the end”. We can take heart, even as our hearts are broken, that one day Christ will return and the troubles of this world will fade away.

Secondly, Daniel encouraged us to hold in view Christ’s return to help us navigate life in a hostile environment where we are prone to see our nation or a specific leader as the answer to our world’s problems. As American Christians, it can be easy to mix the idea of people needing Jesus and people needing to do things just like we do here in our country, as if the two mingled together produces a happy and prosperous life. But, I loved when Daniel reminded us that hope in Christ is not meant to divide us (as a chosen people).

Hope in Christ’s promises and looking forward to his return, sets our eyes above, outside of the political and social structures we operate in, helps us see past the injustices, and causes us to rejoice in the promise that one day, all will be made new and right once again. Don’t forget church that, “This is my father’s world, the battle is not done. Jesus, who died, shall be satisfied, and earth and heaven be one”.

~ Bronwyn Siebert