A faithful presence of love in the absences of our city.

Rep the Rooster

Why the Rooster? 

city-pres-abq-logo-vert-bw-smlThroughout history the church has included the rooster in it’s architecture and art. We too have taken up the rooster as a reminder of Peter’s denial and subsequent gracious restoration by Jesus. We believe that all who follow Jesus, like Peter, are witnesses in spite of our own personal failings, because Jesus loves and is merciful to us. Just like Peter & the disciples we are restored from our ways of denying, deserting & doubting in the cross of Jesus. The rooster has also been used as a symbol of hope in the darkness; a herald of the dawn. We believe that the resurrection of Jesus secures hope that, though there is darkness all around and even inside us, dawn is coming. We, like the rooster and even more like fallen and restored Peter, are hopeful proclaimers of the dawning of restoration for all our brokenness and sorrows in Jesus.

The rooster is kind of startling though, right? As far as church logos go, it's different... but it's not random. The reason we as a church want to "rep the rooster" is so that when someone asks, "Why is there a rooster on your water bottle, T-shirt, car, lap top?" We can have an answer. It's a more involved conversation than just, "Oh, uhm...that's my church mascot." There is history behind the rooster, it opens up the conversation of our need for a Savior, Jesus' restoring work on the cross, and the hope this offers to a broken world. So, we hope you'll take the free decals and display them proudly, use the free invite cards to spread the word, and wear the $10 T-shirts as an opportunity to casually and intentionally do the ministry of bringing people in, through the avenue of starting conersations about the not-so-random rooster.