A faithful presence of love in the absences of our city.

Men's Ministry and Discipleship

Men's Groups

As part of the City Group rotation, men who are involved in a city group meet once a month within their small group (separate from the wives/kids/women). In addition to this monthly small group meeting, Men are invited to meet at 8:00am on the second Sunday of the month at the church for a large group meeting once a month. If you are unable to join a City Group in this season, this meeting is an opportunity for you to connect with men in the church. If you are a part of a City Group, this large group is a time that you can connect beyond City Group geographical lines and get to know other men in the church. 

This large group meets to get to the heart of things.  We recognize many of us men might be living “falsely.” The Scriptures refer to the “old self” (Eph. 4:22ff). It is this old self, or false self, that interferes with our experiencing the grace of God that actually transforms us into His image. These groups seek to discover our false selves and grow into our identity found in Jesus Christ in the context of community.

Contact Justin Edgar if you have any questions!