A faithful presence of love in the absences of our city.

City Pres & Hayes Middle School

Taeler is our official Shine Coordinator. If you have not met Taeler yet, you can find her Sunday mornings singing in the woship band or connecting with folks after the church service! She is devoted to this partnership and along with the Deacon Team at City Pres has been an integral part of equipping us to be a faithful presence of love in the absences of our city.

This Spring, we partnered with Hayes Middle School. Hayes is located just a couple miles from the church at 1100 Texas St, NE 87110. A few fun facts about Hayes: Hayes MS is a community school, so it functions by building bridges between the school and the community, pulling resources from all sorts of places in Albuquerque, with a big emphasis on giving back to the community they are a part of. Hayes MS is full of enthusiastic and invested teachers who are eager to see their students thrive. Most students at Hayes MS are hispanic, and the student population is very family and community oriented. Hayes is a STEM school, focusing on equiping students for roles in engineering, medicine, and technology! 

Within the Shine Partnership Model, City Pres will aim to be a faithful presence of love at Hayes Middle School in the following ways: 

Teacher Support: 

1. Classroom Help (Reading buddies, lunch buddies, class displays, educational assistance, grading papers, copies, display boards, etc).

2. Support Project-Bsaed/Service Learning Activities

3. Staff Appreciation (Care packages, handwritten notes, treats, food, etc.)

Student Enrichment:

1. Tutoring

2. Attendence and/or Behavior Incentives (non-monetary programs)

3. Mentoring

Family Development:

1. Support Family Engagement (Volunteer/participate at school events such as curriculum nights, math nights, indoor soccer tournaments, and other community events)

2. Outreach (Making phone calls to parents and families, spanish language helpful) 

General School Supports:

1. Campus Clean Up & Beaitification Projects

2. Walking Guards, School Bus Volunteers, Extra Supervision before/after school and during Recess



- Sunday, July 8th 8:30am

Before the church service on Sunday, July 8th come hear from the Deacon team about our partnership with Hayes Middle School through SHINE. This would be a helpful information session for anyone interested in getting involved, and will incorporate some training and brainstorming for this fall!